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Some system basics and trick tips. Then continue with paid content.

Anchor not working in Firefox or Chrome

Some time ago i saw issue with inner anchor in Firefox and Chrome. When i click to inner anchor (named anchor with specify id), view was not srolled up to specified position. Then i wrote this fix. You can add … Celý příspěvek

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How to compile optimized version of CGMiner for bitcoin mining

For better performance of bitcoin mining we should have enable OpenCL support and CPU mining. In that case have already prepared two scripts for intel compose 2013 compiler and GCC with OpenMP support to get advance of multi core CPUs … Celý příspěvek

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Linux totem missing MPEG4 ACC codec

Was thuersday and i recognize that Totem video player has missing MPEG4 ACC codec files so time to find solution become. And Centos 6.4 will be extended with that feature from rpmfusion-free-updates repository.

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Create linux tmpfs and ramfs

Time to time we need to reduce time of processing huge value of data with faster disk drive. For that reason we can use ramfs or tmpfs as well. See following instrictions.

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Nice and Renice, set priority of process in linux

Time to time we have to solve performance issues. In that case we can just simply change priority of running or will run process in linux system. Read more…

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